The people of HADES have dedicated technology, specifically designed to defeat the sentinels and take over the occupied towers.

Myra’s Special Ops Powersuit Edit

Myra Waters’s unit wears special suits dedicated to the destruction of Z.E.U.S. and his towers. The helmet comes with a visor that is able to pinpoint the towers and observe all of the important stats, such as their power supply, as well as the range of the hexagonal segment they control.

Power Suit

The primary material is an alloy that can protect a human body in temperatures up to 1200 Degrees Celsius.

The body is improved, being able to accelerate and maintain longer airtime.

Arm cannons are attached to the suit, offering the ability to fire high strength pressurized pulse beam, capable of shattering one of the sentinels created by Z.E.U.S.

Sentinels Edit

The Sentinels are created by Z.E.U.S. in order to defend the active towers. While the citizens of New Athens are primarily made of spare parts, Sentinels are put together using some of the finest metals and computer parts the world has ever known.

Z.E.U.S. creates them by taking control over factories, and using them to mass produce these robots.

Because of their physical toughness, bullets will not break their steel. The only way to destroy a sentinel is to use its pressure against itself, similar to Myra’s powersuit.

Z.E.U.S. Tower Edit

Towers power Z.E.U.S. giving him influence over the surrounding hexagonal segment. The segment’s weather and atmosphere will alter to meld to the setting on the tower. Each tower is guarded by Sentinels, as well as electric force-fields, which will deliver a fierce shock to anyone who doesn’t have strong enough conductor material.

Inside each tower is a manual terminal, designed by Dr. Steinritter specifically for the purpose of manually dismantling a tower. Z.E.U.S. is incapable of destroying them, as they are directly wire to the power supply of each tower. If Z.E.U.S. were to use his sentinels to destroy a manual terminal, the tower would then shut down, turning that hexagonal segment into a Dead Zone.