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The UN has developed a program, led and manufactured by the company Project Olympus. Towers were built up around the Earth that were meant to control the weather in order to bring food and stability to third-world countries, eliminating poverty and starvation. However, the Earth is deteriorating due to instabilities from the towers attempting to control nature. The AI Z.E.U.S. has taken over and has rapidly changed the weather, towers are acting too fast, and are unbalancing nature. A group has sprouted that wants to destroy the AI while Project Olympus doggedly forges ahead in trying to fix it, denying that it will destroy everything. People have been forced to adapt to the changing climates and have developed small cultural subsets that are independent of technology (mostly) and mostly independent of people from other cultural subsets.

Project Olympus (company)

Erich Steinritter



Weather Towers

Dead Zones


Imperial City, New Athens

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