Project Olympus is a technology company started by Erich Steinritter and his father with the intent to develop long-term solutions for problems that previously only had short-term solutions. Having worked for a big-city news station, Erich realized how many people in the world were living in conditions that were uninhabitable and provided no way for them to grow and break away.


During his last year at the news station, Erich began to compile information about where problems were most intense and began development with his father, Byron Steinritter, on a system that could help engineer crops via the weather.

When they felt that their project was far enough along that it was worth presenting, they brought it to government officials, and eventually were able to present it to the U.N. (with help from Linada Waters, a well-respected general in the U.S. military).

The U.N. voted to accept the development of these towers in another few years and agreed to assist with the implementation of them within countries that desperately needed it. The first tower was constructed in Arizona as a test in 2051.

Over the years, Project Olympus' focus shifted as the founding members became less prominent. The company spoke less and less of solving the world's problems, and more of the new technologies they were able to develop. A focus on advancing science became more and more prevalent and Z.E.U.S. became a face for the company, a true success in the face of adversity around then world.