In his quest to satisfy his god complex, Z.E.U.S. dedicated fifteen years to developing a city of sentient androids to exist in a true Utopia. Because he can’t easily manipulate the minds and hearts of people, he created an entire living society that he could manipulate.

New Athens is a capital at the center of the entire nation, and has an active tower protecting its climate. Because it’s intended to be the ideal home, New Athens has warm sunny Spring weather.

Residents in this city, while robotic, have human impulses and desires due to their AI. Each day, the men go to work in the factory, where they create weaponry for the military. The women stay home and tend to the house. Families are capable of building robot pets, such as dogs and cats.

Mayor Ivan Southers has quite the rapport with his people. He regularly visits families, and holds public forums.

New Athens is one of the key military targets for HADES. Due to its buildings being so high off the ground yet so close together, it offers a very strong and consistent maneuverability for Myra’s Special Forces and their athletic power suits.

Cocytus, the fifth River of the Underworld, leads directly to the heart of New Athens.

Sentinels serve as the police force for this city. Deep within the heart of New Athens, within City Hall, there are plans to expand, and build cities like it all over the planet.