Erich hails from Alexandria, MN. He grew restless of his small town and moved to New York when he was 18, where he soon found work as a janitor at the New York Institute of Technology while he finished his degree in Information Technology there. His father greatly influenced his choice of career, as Byron Steinritter was a scientist in Los Angeles.

Upon receiving his degree, Erich began working with a small news firm that flourished within his eight years there. He managed both their public website and internal employee website. He also dealt with day-to-day fixes of computers and other items until the company grew enough for him to be able to hire a few people to fill in his department.

During his three years at the news firm, Erich realized the multitude of starvation and societal collapse issues around the world that were a direct result of unpredictable weather or poor climate. He wanted to take action, but wasn't sure how to effect change on his own. He reached out to his father for help, and the two began work on a pet project of Byron's--the control of weather through towers.