Dead Zones Edit

Dead zones are sections where towers have malfunctioned, causing the climate to remain stagnant. Because dead zones are caused by the towers dying this also means Z.E.U.S can't see anything in these spots. Z.E.U.S's lack of control in these areas caused people to flock in the hopes of starting new settlements, free from Z.E.U.S's oppressive reign.  

R'hllor Edit

The R'hllor are a fierce warrior people that live in a dead zone, stuck in a winter climate. Their great ancestor Gudrun discovered a malfunctioning tower when he was out hunting. He returned and brought his people to the dead zone where they founded their society.  

The R'hllor are a primitive people, relying on hunting and gathering for survival.To keep order the R'hllor people use a king. This practice was chosen by Gudrun himself when he appointed himself as king after discovering the dead zone and has been carried on ever since. The king is also allowed to appoint himself an adviser as well as two other "kings" to rule the separate territories.  

While the R'hllor are a primitive people and are highly aggressive, they keep to themselves, unless you trespass on their land.